Gift of Securities Instructions

Information for Electronic Stock Transfer to South Texas College of Law
Account# 676-171325
DTC# 0226
Tax ID#  74-1554976
Broker Address

DiMeo Schneider & Associates, L.L.C.
500 West Madison Street, Suite 1700
Chicago, IL  60661-4593

Broker Telephone 800-392-9998
Broker Fax 312-853-3352
Broker Contact

Erika Flores

Broker Contact

Eric Ramos


It is important that we are notified prior to every stock transfer, in order for us to accurately identify, allocate, and acknowledge your gift.  Note that this electronic transfer information  cannot be used for restricted stock or stock traded on non-U.S. markets; making life income gifts, gift annuities, or charitable trusts or transfer of physical stock certificates.  To make such gifts, or if your gift involves special considerations or instructions, please call the STCL Development Office, Maya Fredrickson, at 713-646-1801 or email at  The facsimile number is 713-646-1790. If sending mail, please use the Contact Us link on the left.

Thank you for your support of South Texas College of Law.


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